" Lego city "

 Silas  and I made a lego city. Here are the  pictures

 The top one is His, and the bottom one is mine. What do you think? We love it 



Matthias is my little brother. He is a very funny brother. He likes Thomas trains, tools, oatmeal for dinner, and he loves playing  " run from the T-REX!" He tattletales whenever I do something he does not like, like touching his trains. He takes at least three baths a day, and likes to put my toy puppies in the bath. He is a great little, crazy brother, who loves vacuums too.


silly silas

Silas sleeping on my horse.


Power Ranger Silas. GO SUPER SILAS!


Avaria trip 2016, San Diego photo shoot

                                                me,  mom, Matthias, And Silas
                                                Mom and Matthias
                                                           Silas swimming
                                     Mom, Matthias, Me, Dad, and Silas
                                                  Silas And I




Queenie Bog:
2.un-understandably always hungry
4.excited easilly
6.internationally crazy
7.easy to teach




I have always loved catching lizards. I have been through quite a lot  of lizard bites.Ouch! I have seen a few blue tailed skinks, and almost caught them. My " assistants" are my little brothers. They like the baby lizards. The big fat ones are slightly ugly, but fun to catch. I even got one on the 4th of July.


Pony Club


    I have been riding horses almost half my life! I am a a member of USPC, or United States  Pony Club. I have cantered, trotted, jumped, and fallen off about five times. Riding horses is not always easy. Sometimes, it is hard and scary. One time, I started cantering, the horse I was riding spooked  and I fell off. I was fine in a hour or two. I have two first place ribbons, one first place medal, two fourth place medals, one third place ribbon, and a second place ribbon. I have competed in shows, and rallys.Rallys are where you compete with your team, unlike most horse shows. Pony club is a awesome sport and I defiantly recommend it.



      Queenie is a 13 yr old cattle dog. She goes on runs and walks by the lake, and in my neighborhood.She loves any type of food. Just this morning, she ate a WHOLE chocolate bunny. When she was almost a year old, she ate my dad's birthday cake!


     Silas is my little brother. He loves Star wars, and so do I. We normally get into a lot of trouble together,  like breaking my mom's necklace, but we usually have a lot of fun together. He breaks my stuff now and then, but is a great little brother.



   Bindi lou has grown a TON these past few months. The first week, I was at my grandmothers house, and she was so tiny! She has doubled her size at least six inches. Someday, I want to do agility with her.


doll room

hi. today I am showing   you   my doll room. the first thing you   see is the retired    ag.  

trundle  bed. witch  the  girls   are sitting on. lol