Queenie Bog:
2.un-understandably always hungry
4.excited easilly
6.internationally crazy
7.easy to teach




I have always loved catching lizards. I have been through quite a lot  of lizard bites.Ouch! I have seen a few blue tailed skinks, and almost caught them. My " assistants" are my little brothers. They like the baby lizards. The big fat ones are slightly ugly, but fun to catch. I even got one on the 4th of July.


Pony Club


    I have been riding horses almost half my life! I am a a member of USPC, or United States  Pony Club. I have cantered, trotted, jumped, and fallen off about five times. Riding horses is not always easy. Sometimes, it is hard and scary. One time, I started cantering, the horse I was riding spooked  and I fell off. I was fine in a hour or two. I have two first place ribbons, one first place medal, two fourth place medals, one third place ribbon, and a second place ribbon. I have competed in shows, and rallys.Rallys are where you compete with your team, unlike most horse shows. Pony club is a awesome sport and I defiantly recommend it.



      Queenie is a 13 yr old cattle dog. She goes on runs and walks by the lake, and in my neighborhood.She loves any type of food. Just this morning, she ate a WHOLE chocolate bunny. When she was almost a year old, she ate my dad's birthday cake!


     Silas is my little brother. He loves Star wars, and so do I. We normally get into a lot of trouble together,  like breaking my mom's necklace, but we usually have a lot of fun together. He breaks my stuff now and then, but is a great little brother.