Ag doll trundle bed.

  Hi guys! I'm so excited to be making this post: how to make a  18 inch doll trundle bed.
     Y'all will need, a 20 inch box (Ag's boxes work well), something to cut with, 2 small pillows, 2  thin blankets, 2 thick blankets (all baby sized) a piece of Styrofoam   as big as the  top of the box.
   Take the lid off.This will be the bed.  On  one side, cut the corners  about an inch  up and cut across to the other cut corner. Get the bottom of the box.Cut the rim to fit in the hole in the lid. Put the Styrofoam in the trundle. Get one thin blanket to make a sheet for the trundle. put 1 pillow and 1 thick blanket to make a blanket for your doll. Push the trundle in and make a sheet with the thin sheet. Also add a pillow and thick blanket. Y'all done.Love ya.


Lego land trip.

  We celebrated my brothers birthdays at legoland.

 We loved the Star Wars section. Silas wants to make some of these things with his Lego.

                       We got ice cream. Mimi made a HUGE mess. lol. Silly boy.



Our summer vacation

       last summer, we went to Lake Havasu to have a tun of fun!!

                                          Matthias had a blast fishing for Bluegills!

                                               Silas liked looking for shells most!


american girl Bible and Rosary


        Today,I will show you how to make an American Girl Bible.

          You will need,,,

  1: Black Sharpie marker
  2: one sheet of paper
  3: Stapeler

Fold the paper into 6ths,then cut  along the lines.Staple the paper together on the left side.On the front,draw a cross and color the rest of the cover black.(optional:color inside the pages Bible stories)

    How to make an American Girl Rosary

  You will need....

1: polymer clay (any color  you want).
2: A small Chain( easily found at the dollar tree or craft store)
3:Food Coloring (for uncolored clay)
4: A small Cross

Cut 2 inches of chain off.Attach the Cross to the bottom of the chain.Color the clay any color(for uncolored clay) and make 25 small balls,5 medium balls. On the bottom,above the Cross,add 5 balls of clay.Make a circle with the rest of the chain. attach the Cross.Add all small balls. Every 5 balls,  add one medium ball.You are done!!! enjoy.,


      Hi, my name is Giada.This blog was my Mom's, but she has not used it in 3 years. I have 2 little brothers.  The older one is Silas. He is 5 years old and likes Legos, Transformers, Erector sets, and he loves all types of robots.  Silas plays soccer.


            My other brother is named Matthias.  He is 2 years old and he loves trains.  He is always serious.
                 Well.....most of the time.

 I have 1 dog named Queenie. She is an Australian Cattle dog.



      I love horses, dogs, and frogs. I ride horses 2 times a week and am perfecting my canter work.

                                                                                                                                                               Here are some things that I might be writing about.

  1: American Girl ideas


  3:Matthias and the trains

  4:Pony Club




  8:Organizing ideas

  9:Bible Verses


                            My family took a legoland trip for my 2 brothers 2nd and 5th birthday!!!

                                                        we rode the lego horses,

                                    and went on the roller coaster!!!!!

                         Silas is doing great at soccer!


Graduation 2012

And so the school year has come to an end. It is hard to imagine that just 9 short months ago Giada started school as a Kindergartner and finished the year as a First-grader. Giada worked extra hard this year and grew, not only as a student challenging her self academically, but also as a girl by making friends and growing her scope of relationships. We are so proud of her and God has blessed our family with an amazing "Sissy."


First day of Kindergarten

Today was Giada's first day of Kindergarden. She has been counting down the days and now it is here. She was very excited and even selected her outfit and packed her own lunch all by herself. She is growing up so fast and I love the amazing person she is becoming.