Can't Stop Sewing

I used to sew all the time ... before I had kids. I got my first Singer sewing machine in high school and made everything from copycat designer dresses that I could not afford to record bags and curtains. I even made most of the decorations for Giada's nursery and 5 or 6 baby slings and Mei Ties before she was born. Then Giada was born and my sewing machine gathered dust in the closet and was never used except for the occasional jeans hem. Then I ran across this blog MADE and I was inspired. Maybe it was the fabrics, the photos, or how I could just picture Giada and Silas in all of the cute designs. Either way I was motivated to break out my machine and start something...anything.

I started off simple with these shorts. I followed the tutorial on making your own pattern as a refresher course. Using a pair if Silas' shorts I was able to produce these adorable chocolate brown shorts.

Since I made these shorts I have been on a roll and have made about 5 or 6 pairs. I will hopefully get some more pictures to post soon.

I went on to take one of my favorite shirts that Giada has and construct a dress.

I started by tracing a pattern out.

Cut out the fabrics.

I think that it turned out cute...I love all the layers.

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  1. Abu y abi love this pictures and congrat to mamy for the designs and handcraft.