american girl Bible and Rosary


        Today,I will show you how to make an American Girl Bible.

          You will need,,,

  1: Black Sharpie marker
  2: one sheet of paper
  3: Stapeler

Fold the paper into 6ths,then cut  along the lines.Staple the paper together on the left side.On the front,draw a cross and color the rest of the cover black.(optional:color inside the pages Bible stories)

    How to make an American Girl Rosary

  You will need....

1: polymer clay (any color  you want).
2: A small Chain( easily found at the dollar tree or craft store)
3:Food Coloring (for uncolored clay)
4: A small Cross

Cut 2 inches of chain off.Attach the Cross to the bottom of the chain.Color the clay any color(for uncolored clay) and make 25 small balls,5 medium balls. On the bottom,above the Cross,add 5 balls of clay.Make a circle with the rest of the chain. attach the Cross.Add all small balls. Every 5 balls,  add one medium ball.You are done!!! enjoy.,

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