Ag doll trundle bed.

  Hi guys! I'm so excited to be making this post: how to make a  18 inch doll trundle bed.
     Y'all will need, a 20 inch box (Ag's boxes work well), something to cut with, 2 small pillows, 2  thin blankets, 2 thick blankets (all baby sized) a piece of Styrofoam   as big as the  top of the box.
   Take the lid off.This will be the bed.  On  one side, cut the corners  about an inch  up and cut across to the other cut corner. Get the bottom of the box.Cut the rim to fit in the hole in the lid. Put the Styrofoam in the trundle. Get one thin blanket to make a sheet for the trundle. put 1 pillow and 1 thick blanket to make a blanket for your doll. Push the trundle in and make a sheet with the thin sheet. Also add a pillow and thick blanket. Y'all done.Love ya.

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